How it Works

Photovoltaic solar panels create electricity by converting sunlight into energy. The process by which this happens is known as the photovoltaic effect. "Photovoltaic" essentially means light electricity. You may have noticed that certain small devices like a solar panelled calculator won't work in the dark, but when exposed to light it will work just fine. This is an example of a tiny electric power generator built right into an everyday item with which everyone is familiar. Many people are now lighting up their landscaping with solar powered garden lights and perhaps you have seen traffic control signage and lighting powered by solar panels.

Most commonly made using the mineral silicone, solar cells essentially create electricity by converting photons of light into electrons. The "photovoltaic effect" occurs when photons of light from the sun strike these cells, a portion of the energy is absorbed into the silicone, displacing electrons which then begin to flow. In order to harness this flow, the electrons are drawn into a magnetic field generated by positively/negatively charged metal contacts on the top and bottom of the cell. These produce direct current, or DC electricity. Using a DC to AC inverter, the DC current is converted to alternating current (or AC), which can then be used to power electrical appliances.

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How Photovoltaics Work

Solar electric systems, or photovoltaics, convert sunlight to electricity that can be used to supplement or replace the electricity supplied by the utility grid. The world needs clean, climate-friendly, renewable energy sources. But how exactly will photovoltaic (PV) solar energy fit into tomorrow's energy picture in your home or business.

Complete Control

A system monitoring unit monitors power production for you and informs you in real time what you produce and what you use. This enables you to have real control of how you manage your yield and control power expenditure in your home or business.

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