Primary Focus

Reliable Solar Systems are primarily focused on Photovoltaic (PV) system installations for commercial properties. We are able to provide the following:

  • + Free installations affording businesses significant energy savings with no capital outlay through roof leasing agreements.
  • + Paid installations allowing businesses to invest in the system and reap the long term financial benefit through the FIT scheme.
  • + Shared ownership schemes designed around shared financial outlay and FIT payments.

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Why Reliable Solar?

Reliable Solar Systems is one of several companies operating in the relatively young UK commercial Solar industry, so why choose Oakapple for your PV installation?

  • + Tailored solutions uniquely appropriate to your business
  • + Unparalleled planning, design and architectural expertise
  • + Highly qualified and accredited engineers and installation teams

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Suitable establishments

We specialise in free solar installations for suitably located business premises with significant daytime electricity requirements. These include:

  • + Manufacturing companies
  • + Office buildings
  • + Farming and agricultural buildings
  • + Schools, colleges and universities
  • + Healthcare and community buildings
  • + Sports and social clubs
  • + Any other viable commercial properties

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Free Solar Installation

  • + Save up to 50% on the electricity generated and used on-site
  • + No capital outlay whatsoever
  • + Maximise the value of unused roof/ground space
  • + Reduced Carbon Footprint
  • + We ensure the system achieves optimum performance so you get maximum benefit

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Roof lease agreement

A Roof lease agreement is typically 25 years in line with Feed-In Tariffs. We rent the space above your roof. We are the tenant, you are the landlord. A free installtion means that we receive Feed-In Tariff payments and you benefit from signicant electricity bill savings. We wil legally own the PV system and therefore own the responsibility of the equpment itself leaving you worry free on a technical basis. Therer is always room for expansion and we can expand if and when you are ready.

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